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Galactic Memoirs Vol 1 / the Initiate

Galactic Memoirs Vol 1 / the Initiate

Galactic Memoirs is a recollection of memories from then till now...

awakening to Liberation, Sovereignty and Purpose designed to trigger your own memories as you experience the transmission behind the words.


• The Mythos of MU, a cosmology of our origins

• lineage

• the game, the players

• the epochs of LeMURA and AtlanRA

• the 'consciousness invasion' and breaking the Spell...


the Initiate 

a personal journey of Adventures in Consciousness with the I of RA and the Lore of Sekhmet


  • From me the writer to you the reader...

    5 people can witness an event and you will have 5 differing accounts.

    So much depends on:
    • Language and Languaging sometimes we are all saying the same thing, just with different words or developing concepts wrapped in belief systems

    • level of consciousness of both the sender and receiver

    • subjective assessment and recounting tainted by the emotional charge attached to it - the Sacred Neutral

    So connect with and open to the similarities rather than getting caught in the differences -take what resonates for you and be stimulated, provoked and inspired.

  • form the Illustrator...

    Michelle @

    “Galactic Memoirs” is 2 books in 1.

    The Memoirs portion is based on Vicki’s own recollections across time and space - a journey to liberation, sovereignty and purpose.

    The second half of the book, “The Initiate” reads as an experience and ongoing conversation between Vicki and a student.

    It is a taster of the potent work and philosophy of the I-of-RA School.

    Each product gives more perspective to the other.
    Use together or separately!

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