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Galactic Memoirs Vol 1 / the Initiate Lore of Sekhmet

Galactic Memoirs Vol 1 / the Initiate Lore of Sekhmet

Galactic Memoirs is a recollection of memories from then till now...

awakening to Liberation, Sovereignty and Purpose designed to trigger your own memories as you experience the transmission behind the words.


• The Mythos of MU, a cosmology of our origins

• lineage

• the game, the players

• the epochs of LeMURA and AtlanRA

• the 'consciousness invasion' and breaking the Spell...


the Initiate 

a personal journey of Adventures in Consciousness with the I of RA and the Lore of Sekhmet


Claim Embody Radiate and the RItual of Embodiment are experientials available that are mentioned in the books


Galactic Memoirs the Initiate Lore of Sekhmet spiritual book past life predynastic egypt lemuria atlantis

  • From me the writer to you the reader...

    5 people can witness an event and you will have 5 differing accounts.

    So much depends on:
    • Language and Languaging sometimes we are all saying the same thing, just with different words or developing concepts wrapped in belief systems

    • level of consciousness of both the sender and receiver

    • subjective assessment and recounting tainted by the emotional charge attached to it - the Sacred Neutral

    So connect with and open to the similarities rather than getting caught in the differences -take what resonates for you and be stimulated, provoked and inspired.

  • form the Illustrator...

    Michelle @

    “Galactic Memoirs” is 2 books in 1.

    The Memoirs portion is based on Vicki’s own recollections across time and space - a journey to liberation, sovereignty and purpose.

    The second half of the book, “The Initiate” reads as an experience and ongoing conversation between Vicki and a student.

    It is a taster of the potent work and philosophy of the I-of-RA School.

    Each product gives more perspective to the other.
    Use together or separately!

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